This is the companion website for the article The Purposes and Meanings of Video Game Bathrooms published in the proceedings of IEEE Conference on Games 2021.

Through an archaeogaming framing and an object inventory method, the purposes and meanings of video game bathrooms are put forward with a framework. The framework assesses each video game bathroom based on its immersive qualities, ludic affordances, and ideological commentary.

On the site, you can review the paper, database of video game bathrooms and submit your own based on the proposed framework.

SCreenshot of Jet Set Willy's bathroom for the homepage.
The first video game bathroom in Jet Set Willy (1984)

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Immersive is defined as aspects that encourage interactivity, realism, narratological presence, and agency. Ludic is defined as any game mechanisms or structures that encourage play and are integral to a win, loss, or reward condition within the game. Ideological commentary addresses how the design and representation of these bathrooms reflect or critique cultural trends.
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