Juice Galaxy

Release Date: 2020-03-19

Immersive Purpose Ludic Purpose Ideological Commentary
There is a toilet in the evil cabin, which has a plunger item next to it. The inclusion of such an expansive area inside a toilet adds to the absurdist feel of the game. It plays on the inherent silliness of bathrooms and their humor to enhance the atmosphere. The player can flush themselves down the toilet, which brings them to the Toilet Realm. This area is inside the toilet and features multiple checkpoints and bosses. A character who is imprisoned in the area is named “Swirly D,” who is said to give NPCs swirlies. The player can also pick up bathroom-related items like plungers and use them as weapons. One of the bosses, known as Sgt. Suckerpunch, will let the player pass without a fight if they have the plunger equipped. The plunger is also the most effective weapon against the second boss, The Clog, by far, as he is meant to be fought with that weapon.

Other Resources

https://fishlicka.itch.io/juice-galaxy https://juice-galaxy.fandom.com/wiki/The_Toilet_Realm

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